Pittsburgh :Penguins: trades Eeazy B(LD) and Breckeeezy (LW) Toronto :leafs: trade Hedmxnn (RW) (Breckeeezy Retired; resulting in Toronto receiving Phantom x l9l (RW) as compensation)
Ahhhh the Rich just continue to get richer…I know for a fact Philly is very displeased with this one. AG comes swooping in like a hawk to snag this one; one thing I know about AG is that you can’t trust the guy… he steals my lunch money all the time . Now I know some are gonna say this is a complete trape, but I would disagree. Eeazy B isn’t the best defenseman, but is known fwd in the 3s community and has thumbs , unfortunately Breck chose to retire or else this trade would have been alittle more fair. Toronto obtaining Phantom x l9l and Eeazy could be a possible fwd pair for this squad in the future so that’s a positive!
Who won this trade? Pittsburgh :Penguins: