Hey guys it’s Chi here with this season’s draft recap. Overall, I felt the drafting went better than last season. There were a few obvious teams that didn’t know what they were doing but for the most part it went how I would think it would go.

So, let’s get right into it, first part will be top 3 picks per position in terms of value. Value is based on their talent that I have seen in LG, Club & banana leagues. This doesn’t mean the best player; it means the best value for that player. I usually remember people if they are good that I play against. The 2nd part will be top 5 drafts by team.

*Note this does not include TC players*

Top 3 LW
Breckeeezy – Pittsburgh – Round 10
Getting a LW of his caliber at round 10 is just comical. I do understand why he fell, he is pretty toxic and is big “flight risk”. But in terms of talent per draft position, there is no better value.
IIVIIcNasty x91 – Dallas – Round 6
Getting an LG NHLer in the 6th round is always excellent value. He also is a very chill dude and will win games. He isn’t flashy with all the dangles and dekes, but he is always in perfect position to set up teammates and score goals. You should see him towards the top of most goals scored this season. He was a last-minute sign up but Dallas was right on it, that is the reason he fell.
Sando Sparkz – Philadelphia – Round 8
Not a lot of people know about Sando, he was on 1st place Carolina’s best LW last season. One of the most quiet players and just goes about his business putting up points. Plays a power forward and lead the league in hits last season. He isn’t flashy with the dangles but put him on a line with top players and he will produce. Last season stats – 32 GP, 24 – 5 – 3 with 88 points and a +69 with 252 hits. Not bad.

Top 3 RW
Surpriseme22 – Dallas – Round 4
LG NHLer in the 4th round is great value… I don’t really know much about him besides hes 2ppg game player in the N.
Phantom x l9l – Pittsburgh – Round 12
Was on the Spokane Chief’s top line and mostly a 3s player I believe. But he had an excellent season in the CHL.
l Volcom x 28 l – Vancouver – Round 1
Yes, he still got drafted in the 1st round, but he was #2 in points last season in IOHL. The man just scores goals doesn’t matter who is on his line. People are probably thinking well yeah, he plays with Slim. But he led the league in points 2 seasons ago without him. He should have been a top 3 pick.

Top 3 Centers
Tha FarukianOne – Florida – Round 11
AKA “Badmash”, getting an NHLer in round 11 is about as good as it gets. I didn’t realize they picked him up until now, with Moist at the center/rw that line will definitely win games.
Showtime l88l – New York – Round 7
Don’t know a whole lot about him. I believe he has played this league before. Played in the NHL for a bit albeit with bad stats. I have played against him and he is pretty good, and Darkey & Co know what they are doing.
Crasseman – Dallas – Round 11
I heard through the grapevine that Crass is really busy and is a legit 3-4/10. If he was 10/10 he would be #1 easily. But with only giving barely 4 games he drops down. Regardless, getting him this late is still outstanding value even if he doesn’t play a lot. Now when the playoffs come around…. Look out!

Top 3 LD
Greggy x 74 – Philadelphia – Round 2
Yes, he did sign up on LW and gave 4/10… But come on. Anyone with a brain knew he wouldn’t be playing LW. He is a top 5 pick easily in this league, and he went in the 2nd round.
LI 91 II – Colorado – Round 8
So Wagner is making the switch to defense this season. He is a good forward but will make for an excellent dman. I think Colorado will be ecstatic with how he does this season.
xC0ACH l2l – New York – Round 2
Costa in the 2nd round is really good value, he is a 1st rounder in this league. He is the banana league GOAT.

Top 3 RD
Mr Lundieee – Buffalo – Round 7
Lundie had an excellent season in the AHL until he had to quit due to personal reasons. Most people know him has a great goalie, but he is a beast on the backend as well. Buffalo definitely did their homework when it came to the draft.
General Jobo – Pittsburgh – Round 2
Jobo has been a top dman in this league for a long time. Been in the NHL forever, one of the best around. Getting him late in the 2nd was excellent value. Easily could have been a top 10 pick.
vMvtt – Anaheim – Round 5
A lot of people know him as a center, but he is just as good on the backend. He will have dvetts10 on the other side guiding him along. They should be one of the top d-pairs in the league and getting him in the 5th round is great value.

Top 3 Goalies
xxPETRYSHENx73 – Toronto – Round 9
Petry is a very good goalie, if you have good defense, he could be great. Getting him this late is very good value.
FriskyBeaverr – Vancouver – Round 5
Longtime AHLer, he was one of my top goalies on the board. Goalies came at a premium this season so this is great value for one of the best in IOHL.
XPND Pilot – Calgary – Round 6
I believe this guy is one of the AHF refugees, I scouted him and was immediately impressed. He will be one of the best in the league in my mind. Very nice value for him.

Top 5 Drafts
This sounds biased, but it was close between Dallas and Philly. The difference was the top end talent. Getting Fxwst (best rw avail) and 9 then coming around to take Greggy who is a top 3 LD in the 2nd was mind blowing. Then getting Carnage (Devilsknight) in the 3rd was great too. You can keep going on and on and on… This team has to be the #1 cup contender right now. Now what separates us from the rest is our TC’s. Kuchhh a former AHLer, Donko was our best winger 2 seasons ago in Edmonton, and last but not least DirtyDust3r a PS4 NHLer.
Dallas had an excellent draft, getting Zilla then Semp as their top two picks was excellent, they had some nice picks late like ice4veinz and Crasseman. They are just solid all around. I expect this team to be #1 in the west based on depth alone. They are the CHL all-stars but they can play with anyone in this league, especially the weaker west.
Getting the best overall player available at #3 and then coming around to get a top 5 RD is as good as it gets. Overall I think this team is better than Dallas, but dallas had a nicer draft. Also drafting a 2nd account in the 4th round that got banned taints it too. This team will be a force to be recon with.
They had a solid overall draft with a lot of veteran players. I expect this team to be contending for the #2 spot. Getting Volcom and Buree to hold down the two RW will make everyone else on their line better. Big Pete will most likely be playing d and is a very good dman in this league.
Another CHL all-star team but they had a really good draft. Lundiee and bluedevs will make a nice dpair. Suzuki is a PS4 NHLer that can play any position really well. I expect this team to be a tough out come playoff time.