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(NHL Owner) A Salty Sail0r 1:05 AM
Btw there's no rule that says the club needs to be that...so get owned again
(NHL Owner) A Salty Sail0r 1:04 AM
Hey hobo learn to make a save and I'll learn to make the correct club until then get owned
Matt l85l 12:35 AM
(NHL Owner) Going 30 Ghost 12:34 AM
Hey Matt it's Khudo
Matt l85l 12:33 AM
So im guessing Games are done in Club?
(NYR) Tetsuya Kurok0 12:33 AM
gg van
(VAN) cjc cobras 12:13 AM
If we have to play that first game against wsh again , I'm retiring
(DET) Eh CanadianHobo 11:33 PM
LA Kings learn to make a iohl Club make it IOHL KINGS are u dumb
Matt l85l 6:49 PM
Matt l85l 6:33 PM
What season is this currently?
Matt l85l 6:20 PM
(COL) ONT 2:37 PM
Hi MaJuH
bMaJuH 2:01 PM
bMaJuH 1:26 PM
how doed one sign up
Bouffizzle 23rd May
How do i sign up for the season message me on xbox please
(TBL) justinthegreat6 23rd May
The app is a texting app right 4 the iohl
(Retired) iTurboh 22nd May
i went from Gm to retired in a day and a half lol

About the IOHL

The IOHL is a structured Six vs. Six Hockey League based upon the EA Sports NHL series.  We currently have 16 NHL teams .  We play 10 games per week, Sunday thru Thursday at 10:30 & 11:30pm (eastern time).

We have seen a significant amount of growth since we began and have quickly become the premier, late-night, Six's League !

Players are expected to be available to play a minimum of 3 Games per week and may not play more than 5 Games per week. The League Rules should be reviewed and followed at all times during IOHL events.  The Rules can be found in the Main Menu.

 the Sign-up Form can be found under the "Members" tab.  Membership will be limited once we reach our maximum goal of 16 Teams, so sign up now.  Once membership is closed new prospective members will be on a time-stamped waiting list and as we have openings we will accept the oldest applications in order.

If you have any questions about the IOHL, please post them in the Chat and a league Veteran will likely answer.  If you do not receive an answer, contact a League Staff member and we will reply as soon as we can.

We welcome our new players and look forward to seeing you on the ice !

IOHL League Staff


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13th Apr · (VP) Dark3n
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Season 9 signups
Season 9 signups are now being accepted through the recruitment form.
If you are interested in applying for ownership, please follows the link posted on the main page(below is a picture to show you where to find it, if you missed the giant buttons) and fill out your application.

If you do NOT have S9BE beside your name on the website, it means you are not signed up for season 9 yet (or that your application is pending). You need to click the giant button on the homepage as shown below and fill out the fourm.

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