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Anaheim Ducks

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S6 Playoffs

(2) NYR vs (2) COL - Series 3-0 NYR
Game 1: 2-0 NYR                         
Game 2: 4-2 NYR                                
Game 3: 3-2 OT NYR                 
Game 4:                              
*Game 5:                                          
*Game 6:                                          
*Game 7:                                          

Chat Box
S7De l TayZer x 27 4:50 PM
If it's anything like the last few seasons, it'll be decided a few weeks before the draft scheduled for the 25th
S7De l pure l 88 l 3:00 PM
Is there a date yet for when owner will be picked?
S7De l TayZer x 27 2:24 PM
Just want to wish everyone here a happy holiday season!
S7De Pandoras Savior 1:48 PM
Thank you very much
(Snr.Commish) Miss Ovechkin 8 1:14 PM
http://www.iohl.net/board/183311 click the link for the S7 registration forum, find your post and reply saying your new desired position
(Commish) ForZa x l22l 1:02 PM
yeah pandora to edit your postion just go to your orignal season 7 registration and just below it what your changing
S7De Pandoras Savior 12:29 PM
Is there a way to edit signups? I'm still undecided between C and G.
S7De Ahern l21l 9:20 AM
There's a draft? Ughhhhhhhhhh
S7De l TayZer x 27 4:15 AM
Uh oh ya boy signed up to own again
(Commish) ForZa x l22l 2:15 AM
machezy the draft for season 7 will be Jan 25th
anyone want to play a game
S7De Killjoy 420s 17th Dec
Yea hit me up I'm on fire if u want to scout a goalie
S7De Killjoy 420s 17th Dec
Yea hit me up I'm on fire if u wanna scout a goalie
S7De machezy 17th Dec
Season 7 starts when?
S7De Tank6109 17th Dec
No pandora your blacklisted
S7De Polawski x 99 17th Dec
S7De Pandoras Savior 17th Dec
Can I be scouted?
S7De l TayZer x 27 17th Dec
(BUF) PewDiePie 17th Dec
(BOS) Drunk Zombiee 17th Dec
Anybody have an active club that needs some defense?
Season 6 is Currently Underway

(unfortunately new registration is close) 


(Draft and Start Dates Still TBD)

Accepting registration NOW!

Season 7 new Registration Features:

An auto response in now generated individually to each player, confirming your registration.

A forum topic is auto generated on your behalf.  This feature allows owners to view your information, as well as giving YOU the ability to "edit" your information before the draft.

Upon the completion of Season 6 all applications will be processed.

Once an application is approved each members site rank will be automatically changed to (S7De) "Season 7 Draft eligible"

This entire process will allow you "THE SKATER" to be informed on where you are in the process.

THANK YOU SirMikeKnight!!!
(Prez) Wizard0f Osgood 10th Dec
The league would like to thank SirMikeKnight for putting so much time and effort into the league.

Mike has stepped back from being a member of staff to focus more on family and his new business.  This will not be the last you see of him though, Mike has applied for season 7 already and we are looking forward to see what he can bring the the table as management of his own team this coming season.

Again, thank you Mike and best wishes.

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Season 7
Season 7 signups and ownership applications are now being accepted.
If you are interested in applying for ownership, please follows the link posted on the main page(below is a picture to show you where to find it, if you missed the giant buttons) and fill out your application ASAP. we will be conducting secondary interviews afterwards and picking owners we see best fit for the job.

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General Admin

General Admin

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