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(Draft -Message to those of you who were either selected TC or went undrafted:  I want to personally thank all who signed up, put the time in with scouting lobbies, and continue to support the league.

It is very unfortunate that we were unable to correctly project the amount of late sign ups we were going to receive and in consequence, do not have a larger NHL presence this season.

However, do know that we are working towards putting together an AHL.  Which will provide an IOHL experience, allow you to showcase yourselves through recorded stats, and bring you into the fold of the IOHL community.

Do not be disheartened - When I started in this league in season 4 I too was unknown, miss scouted, and in all honesty due to this being my first league, unprepared.  I played an entire season in the AHL, while watching many teammates and members get "called up".  I am not the only one.  ITz  DGI, Forza, Stryker x 82, and many others who are now management or key players on other teams' rosters; started in that very same position, Undrafted, TC'd, and working their way up. 

Please be patient because so many of us went through the AHL. We also remember the frustration. We are trying to put together the best solution this season for everyone invloved.  Please bare with us a little while longer, if you have patience, organizational skills, a solid understanding of our rulebook, and players bill of rights we are accepting AHL ownership applications now.

Further details will be coming later.

-Thank you all very much

Wizard 0fOsgood (League President)

Accepting registration NOW!

(Draft eligible registration must be submitted no later than 8pm est on Saturday January 24th)

Any players signed up after the deadline will be automatically placed on the wait list

IOHL Premium Packages
(Snr.Commish) Miss Ovechkin 8 18th Jan
This season we are introducing the ability to acquire packages that include three perks available throughout the season. There are two different packages available; Management Package and Player Package. You may only acquire one package and it will be good for the entirety of Season 7. Packages will be available up until the start of Season 7.

Management Package $5 Donation to the IOHL

only one management package per team can be purchased for Season 7. Owners, GMs and AGMs should talk with each other to make sure only one person from the team is acquiring the package. Having this package will give you access to the following perks:

Perks Included in Package

  • Extra Waiver Slot (team will have 5 available slots throughout the season)
  • Extra Trade Priority Token (team will have a total of 2 priority trade tokens throughout the season up until the trade deadline)
  • Management Swap (Owner will be allowed to name a new player to a management position and fill the spot with any existing member of the current team. The old management player who is being replaced will become a regular rostered player without having to be placed on waivers. The management salary will remain $3.5M)

Player Package
$5 Donation to the IOHL
only one player package can be acquired for Season 7. This package cannot be combined with a Management Package . With this package you will access to the following perks:
Perks included in Package

  • Extra trade request (player will have a total of 2 trade requests for the season)
  • List of 3 teams you cannot be traded to (once a player submits a trade request, player will submit a list of 3 teams they cannot be traded to throughout the season. this perk is ONLY applicable to trade requests by the player)
  • Extra 24 hour waiver clock (once a player is placed on waivers and 24hours goes by without a bid being placed, the player can ask for additional 24hours to remain on waivers)

Anybody that does not want to purchase a Premium Package will not lose any normal privileges every person already has in the IOHL.

Packages will be acquired using our PayPal listed on the site by donating the amount listed above. When making a donation specify which package you are getting.

-100% of donations to the IOHL will be put towards the site for making improvements and making your league experience better -

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(NJD) Winston Payne 6:32 PM
King Natzu, the roster doc says that you are on the TC for the rangers.
(S7FA) SynisterShaneus 6:28 PM
anyone looking for a stellar sleeper, hmu (;
(FLA) CoLLinS709NL 5:39 PM
(Premium) A salty sail0r 5:29 PM
dont know if thats a compliment or not but thanks tribe
(NYR) King Natzu 5:23 PM
how do i get on a team if no one picked me up? training camp or im i just gonna sit in the free agency section
(Premium) A salty sail0r 5:20 PM
so lay off the juice and relax
(Premium) A salty sail0r 5:20 PM
lol you still mad about that? get over it bro. i dont ever recall telling anyone i was an allstar so check your facts. no need to feel salty cause you were sent to training camp. everyone works there way up and now you're an owner! all i said what the chat box wasnt the place to be blowing up.
(FLA) SOA x Unleashed 5:17 PM
guise stahp fighting </3
(LAK) a tribe cq 4:53 PM
salty and worded are both tremendous upstanding citizens I'd say
(LAK) a tribe cq 4:53 PM
forza brah, a little confusing, is the preseason included in team schedule
(NHL Owner) wordedbig dawg 4:49 PM
salty has pissed me off in the past thinks hes an allstar so he dont deserve my respect and i do have respect for pple that give me respect please keep comments to your self
(Commish) ForZa x l22l 4:39 PM
Responding too Gimme a Brewski, the schedule has been released for days not, just go to the season 7 tab
(LAK) a tribe cq 4:33 PM
i just sharted
(NHL MGMT) x lBl ULL xl64l 3:35 PM
That's righr beware of that Flying V lol
(ANA) RainbowTreasure 3:17 PM
Quack Quack, MuthahSuckaz!!!!
(NHL Owner) SWIZZY x 61 3:07 PM
preseason starts Sunday then the following sunday is regular season
(ANA) MIKE l81l 2:50 PM
hey dawg, start treating people with respect. you're an owner, so act like one.e.
(CHI) Goodrow x l1l 2:40 PM
Hey whens the season startin
(SJS) beer n pickles 1:52 PM
(NHL Owner) wordedbig dawg 1:12 PM
salty stfu was i talking to you wtf u think i have been doing u plug
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