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Anahiem Ducks

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Rule Changes For The International Tournament 

  • Due to there no longer being any lobbies, the game set up process will be a little  different.
Once the host has been selected, he creates a private OTP game.

 Once created he will invite a captain from the other team. 
When both players are in, they will invite the rest of their respective teams.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a wrap around be allowed. Repeated instances of these goals will be met with discipline.
  • We understand that accidents happen. If this does happen, do not count the goal and allow the defending team to receive the puck on the ensuing face-off 

  • Any Goalies on the active roster are entitled to at least 3 games in a week.
  • There is no max for the amount games a goalie can play in net. However. They must have played at least 4 of there games in net, and games played as a goalie still count toward the max you can play as a skater.

  • All teams must have 12 players on their active roster. To help with this, there will be no limit on the amount of call-ups and send-downs. 

Important Information

Draft is on October 4th at 9pm est
It will be a 10 round snake draft
If needed, a TC draft will be on the 5th

Reward for reading so far

For the International Tournament we will be giving away a $20 xbox live gift card the the winner of the Vezina Trophy (best goalie) and the Norris Trophy (best defenceman)

Good Luck

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